AAC FACT SHEET: What the Primates Said

Source: AAC News
October 17, 2003

The Statement of the Global Leaders is a clear repudiation of the actions of the General Convention concerning the election of a gay bishop and the authorization to bless same sex unions.  While it is clear, the statement is couched in the language of diplomacy and Anglican style.

Several leaders have gathered after the primates meeting in the hope of 'unpacking' this statement.  Below are the summary points of what the statement achieved:

1.The Global church achieved consensus despite huge obstacles.  The Primates exercised strong moral leadership.  They have made their voice heard.

2.The Lambeth teaching on human sexuality (1998) is reaffirmed.  It has moral force and commands the respect of the Communion.

3.The Scriptures are regarded as the basis of our faith.

4.No group has the right to impose their view (on human sexuality) in a unilateral manner.

5.The actions of ECUSA and New Westminster are wrong and both are on notice.

6.As a 'bishop', Gene Robinson will not be recognized by most of the Anglican world.

7.The action to consecrate him as a bishop in the church is schismatic.

8.The consecration in New Hampshire will tear the fabric of the Anglican Communion at its deepest level.

9.The Primates are calling for adequate episcopal oversight for the protection of those who are dissenting from the teaching and practices of their provinces concerning the innovations on human sexuality.

10.The actions of the Diocese of New Westminster are rebuked and decried as schismatic.

11.The Archbishop of Canterbury's appointed commission will oversee the responsible realignment for the sake of maintaining communion with the Anglican Communion.

Please continue to pray for a faithful and orthodox witness on behalf of the American Anglican Council.

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