August 6, 2003, a.m.

From figueroa Wed Aug 6 09:51:39 2003
Subject: GC Report 8/6 morning
To: philemon
Date: Wed, 6 Aug 2003 09:51:39 -0400 (EDT)

Dear faithful AAC members and friends and guests,

Report from the General Convention at Minneapolis - meltdown day 2 morning

Brothers and sisters,

Bishop Thompson voted NO. (To not give consent) Thank you, Jesus.

Overnight, our AAC chapter has grown by three. I've had the opportunity to invite on-board at least another half dozen. So will you. Look for those who are grieving, complaining, or leaving and reach out to them. Let them know that they are not alone as you are not alone.

The last three days readings in My Utmost for His Highest have been absolutely prophetic: for August 3, 4 and 5

Read Isaiah 28 (thank you Susan) and 65.

Pray Daniel's prayer (Daniel 9:4-19)

Pray Nehemia's prayer (Nehemiah 1:5-11)

Thank God for the clarity brought by this morning.

I find myself in a state of impaired communion with this church. I go to worship and pray with Forward In Faith as I have since Sunday, which is where I will find the entire AAC team. (Watching the line to communion yesterday morning was like watching one of those circus VW bugs unpacking - it looked like the line wouldn't end.)

We are a LARGE faithful remanent, many of whom have not yet been found. Some of them are in your hands. Reach out to them before they leave. Our position is that we are not leaving. I understand that some must. Some have already done so. They remain part of us even as they worship elsewhere.

You are in my prayers.

Thank you all for your prayers. They mean the world to me and I have spread the news of your prayers to this great AAC team that I have been working with here.

Andy Figueroa

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