A(n) (Open) letter to the PB

8th October 2003
The Most Rev'd Frank Griswold
815 Second Avenue
New York, NY 10017

Dear Bishop Griswold;

Try as I may, I am endeavoring to understand your pastoral sensibilities in these troubled times within the Episcopal Church. Your form of "leadership" is one that I simply cannot understand.

As one who believes that same-sex blessings and the confirmation of The Rev'd Canon V. Gene Robinson represent a radical departure from the authority of Scripture, as well as the mind of the world-wide Anglican Communion, I cannot understand:

1) Why on earth you voted to consent to Canon Robinson's election when there was no need to do so. You were not placed in a position of having to cast a deciding vote. By voting to consent you simply distanced yourself from those who disagree with the election. So, it would seem that "inclusiveness" only extends to those who believe as you do. You have isolated and marginalized the remainder of us.

2) Your absolute insistence upon taking part in the consecration of The Rev'd Samuel John Howard in the Diocese of Florida. You are not canonically required to participate in all consecrations, so why this one? Could it be that your intention is to draw further negative attention to the Episcopal Church, as if we need any more?

It was most gracious for the Roman Catholic Bishop of the Diocese of St. Augustine, Victor Galeone, to allow the Diocese of Florida the use of St. Joseph's Church for the consecration liturgy. Is it any wonder that, given your position on homosexuality, the invitation was rescinded by Bishop Galeone when it was learned that you were to be one of the consecrators? Why can't you choose not to participate and allow the consecration to go on as planned? Is it ego?

In these chaotic times the Episcopal Church desperately needs a different kind of leadership than what I've witnessed thus far.

(The Rev'd) Robert L. Rademaker
Rector, Ascension & Holy Trinity, Wyoming, OH

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