A Vision for the Anglican Fellowship

Hope Anglican Fellowship is an independent Anglican body of Episcopalians from the Miami Valley. Most members have either left or are planning to leave their congregations. Others are unable to leave, for various reasons, but wish support this orthodox Anglican witness. The Fellowship was formed in response to the rejection by the Episcopal Church of the authority of Scripture and the corporate will of the Anglican Communion, and the failure of our Diocese and congregations to take a stand against this rejection.

We enjoy the pastoral and congregational support of Christ the King Reformed Episcopal Church (REC), where we are invited to join them for worship and the full range of their programs. There is no need or intention to join the REC, though members are free to do so.

For a more complete description of Hope Anglican Fellowship, you may read the Anglican Sojourn document at the following worldwide web location: http://philippians-1-20.us/ctkfell.pdf

The Vision:

  1. At a meeting on January 11, the self-selected Fellowship membership will elect a "fellowship council" made up initially of a senior warden, a secretary, and a treasurer.

  2. The council will draft bylaws for approval at a subsequent meeting of the whole Fellowship.

  3. The secretary will file forms with the IRS as a non-profit organization, and with the State of Ohio for incorporation as a church.

  4. The treasurer will establish a bank account in which to collect funds for such minimal expenses as the Fellowship may incur, and for mission and ministry as may be determined appropriate by the Fellowship.

  5. At the earliest possible date, the Fellowship will appeal for recognition and episcopal care and oversight through the American Anglican Council bishops' committee, or the new Network of Anglican Communion Dioceses and Congregations.

  6. We look to the future as part of an orthodox Anglican province in North America in unity with the Anglican Communion, and the convergence of separated Anglican jurisdiction in the spirit of the Anglican Congress.

Some assumptions:

  1. Members self-select by identifying themselves to the Fellowship and by actively participating in the life of Christ the King REC, or through other means of identifying their support of the Fellowship.

  2. The majority of the Fellowship actively participates in the life of Christ the King REC.

  3. Those participating in the life of Christ the King REC may give the majority of their tithes and offerings to that body, effectively serving as our "local church," and other orthodox Christian ministries they feel called to support. Christ the King REC tracks all donations that are properly identified for tax purposes.

  4. A small portion, perhaps a tithe, of members' other offerings may be contributed to the Fellowship in order to build up a fund for such Godly purposes that the Fellowship may determine, once the Fellowship's non-profit status and bank account are established.

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