Milwaukee Priest Deposed

In an email dated 3/7/2005 from:
The Rev. Terence L. Wilson,
Rector, Light of Christ Anglican Mission ...
(with permission)
Andy - just to let you know what's happening out here in Wisconsin. This was neither unexpected nor a problem, as we are under the jurisdiction of the Bispo Robinson Cavalcanti, Anglican Diocese of Recife (Brasil). The interesting thing is that Bishop Miller never found me important enough to ask what was going on. I have never met the man, was never informed there was to be a meeting of the Standing Committee that recommenced my inhibition six months ago and never informed that the deposition was going to be considered at this time. It was signed by two of the most liberal priests in the diocese (Debra Trakel flies the GLBT flag outside her downtown church!).
Sentence of Deposition

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