Episcopalians quit Fairborn church - explanation

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

A personal note: It's been easy for people to misunderstand yesterday's Dayton Daily News article, "Episcopalians quit Fairborn church," to mean that we've left the Episcopal church. We have NOT. We have chosen exile from our local congregation(s), thanking God for His mercy in providing a safe refuge.

(On a tangent: The story is reasonably accurate considering the reporter knew nothing of how churches work. The numbers are a little contrived, though I did indicate the possibility of numbers in that range over time. The attributions are so so. I'm too happy that the article appeared to complain.)

Without going into too many details here, the situation for many of us at St. Christopher's became intolerable, miserable, and counterproductive for those polarized on either side as well as for those trapped in the middle. Adult Christian education was canceled in Sept. Alpha was terminated after we finished our fall class; saw this coming. You see, these are breeding grounds for the "insurgents." Any orthodox voice has been rigorously suppressed. Preaching is aimed at defanging or hurting the orthodox. The rector stirs up discord among those in the middle and left, damaging already strained personal relationships. For many, it is time to go, though each person has to evaluate their own circumstances and pick their own action and date, as God will lead them.

For those not inclined to go to a safer Episcopal congregation (there are none in the Dayton Deanery) and live through trauma of their meltdown over the next year or two, a creative lifeboat has been provided while we wait, watch, hope, and work for the reorganization of the Anglican structures in North America.

Don't count us out of the battle. Our witness is the absence of our attendance, ministries, and tithes & offerings. In the meantime, we continue to meet weekly in fellowship together with our brothers and sisters who feel called to stay at this time, and we support them however God may lead them.

Christ's servant, and yours,
Andy Figueroa

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