Religious Persecution Intensifies In Haiti

This email (undated - perhaps July or early August) was sent from Debbie Lockhart and her huband Dennis, who are missionaries in Haiti. They have an orphanage with 11 children and run a school for 400 children. The message is hard to read, very graphic, but she and Dennis face and deal with this everyday as part of the culture of Haiti.

Webmater's note: And we thought we had it bad. (very large PDF file)

Today, Eric Vess and I are leaving to join our dear friend and ministry partner, J.L. Williams of New Directions International in the country of Haiti.

Haiti has suffered under the bondage of Voodoo for 200 years. The economic and spiritual poverty as well as the prolonged political instability that continues to plague Haiti are directly connected to the nation's heritage of Voodoo worship.

Recently a group of evangelical Haitian pastors met to plan a National Day of Prayer in an effort to counter a celebrated day of witchcraft that will take place August 14. This date is celebrated annually as the Boukman sacrifice. Boukman was a former slave who used voodoo as the medium to rally other slaves to revolt by sacrificing a pig, drinking its blood and thus forming a pact with the devil (voodoo gods). In this pact, the Haitians gave their land to the devil for 200 years in exchange for freedom from the white French oppression.

Many Haitians still believe that it was because of Boukman that they have their independence today, but they are believing a lie. Haiti is the poorest nation in the western hemisphere. If I could take you to Haiti with me, you wouldn't see freedom at all. but you would see bondage, hopelessness and despair.

This Thursday, I have been invited to speak at the National Day of Prayer in Haiti. This will be a day of urgent prayer as we seek God's wisdom and direction! This is spiritual warfare at its most intense!

Last week a baby was stolen from the hospital in St. Marc. The reason the child is to be sacrificed to appease the Voodoo gods for the so-called special day of celebration. There are generally two ways they sacrifice children. One is in a large grinding pot. They place the child in the pot and proceed to grind the child while still alive. The other way is even more demonic as they hang the child upside down by his feet and place a large bowl beneath him. The child hangs until dead as the body releases its fluids into the bowl. The bowl is then placed in the sun to dry. Afterward, the priest takes what is left of the young child and grinds the body into a powder to use for his Voodoo ceremony. Can you imagine?

This is the kind of satanic worship and bondage that has gripped the Haitian people for over 200 years!

The president of Haiti has recognized Voodoo as an "official religion," giving it equal footing with Christianity. He has even offered payments to local radio stations to play Voodoo music all day during the Day of Prayer in an open attack on Christians and the Church. Many of the Voodoo witchdoctors want to re-ratify the 200-year-old pact.

We cannot sit idly by and watch this happen! We must respond to God's call to do spiritual battle for the soul of this suffering nation. Haiti belongs to Jesus Christ, not to Satan (Psalm 2:8).

World Help is committed to meeting the physical and spiritual needs of the Haitian people in order to break the "strongholds of the evil one."

I am calling on everyone I know to focus their prayers toward the nation of Haiti this week! Pray . for church unity, courage, protection and anointing. Urgently petition God to intervene on Haiti's behalf. This is our opportunity to see Satan defeated! PLEASE PRAY!

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