Plague Links to Anti-Virus/Anti Worm (etc.) Sites Ebola
You don't have to pay to have good computer security software. I'm a Linux user, but sometimes run Windows in a virtual machine to access a particular program and to test security software for other users I support.

Panda Cloud Antivirus

According to PC Magazine, "Panda Cloud Antivirus ... aims to head off disaster by pushing its malware detection activity into the cloud, eliminating the need for local signatures. ... It's a powerful defender against malware attacks--and it's free." I'm using it. (Very hot!)


My recent experience shows that avast! is one of the best. The home edition is also free for non-comercial use. (Still hot - 1/2013)



My past experience shows that AVG is also among the best. Recently rated tops by PC Magazine. Their free edition is for non-comercial home use. (Still hot - 1/2013)

Avira - Free Edition

I've not used it personally, but I see that Avira is still at the top of most reviewer's list. But some users complain about popups and other self promotional advertising.

More Related Recommended Software

I use and recommend Spyware Blaster:

Spyware Blaster inoculates your web browser(s) against known malicious web sites. Download it, update it, activate protection, then your set. I recommend regular Windows users check for updates fairly often, at least monthly. Or you can pay for automatic updates.

I also use and recommend CCleaner:

Malicious software often embeds code in the Windows registry, one of the reasons that Windows is so vulnerable. CCleaner not only helps with Windows housekeeping, but also has an excellent registry backup and repair component.

But, for real security, I recommend users migrate to Linux (or Mac) machines.
See:, and pick one.

Some Other Commercial Anti-Virus Sites

(too much money and bloat - often have very up-to-date information on recently found malware)

McAfee's home page

Symantec's (Norton) home page

Anti-Virus and Computer Security (sort of) Information Sites

The Virus Bulletin (information about viruses and anti-virus software)

Site debunking virus myths and computer security urban legends

Antivirus at (formerly the Anit Virus Mining Co - now somewhat sold out to advertising)

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