Letter from Mid-Continental Convocation to Sr. Wardens

Note 1: What follows below is the full text of the letter from the Mid-Continental Convocation to Sr. Warden's that Bishop Wolfe (KS) finds so offensive. (See http://episcopal-ks.org/news/DioLog12-16-05.html for Bishop Wolfe's letter.)

Note 2: The video on the DVD being offered in the Mid-Continental Convocation letter, and other supporting videos, are also available on-line at: http://anglicandecision.org/

Mid-Con Letterhead

To: Senior Wardens within the ACN Mid-Continental Convocation

Beloved brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus,

There has never been a more critical time in the lives of the people in the Anglican Communion, of which the Episcopal Church in the United States (ECUSA) is a part.

It appears increasingly likely that, at its General Convention in June 2006, the Episcopal Church USA will fail to sufficiently respond to the conditions of the Windsor Report, thus choosing to 'walk apart' from the worldwide Anglican Communion. When that happens, Episcopalians will have to decide, 'Whom will I follow?'

If you, your Vestry and the people in your congregation are fully familiar with the issues that are increasingly threatening the Body of Christ, praise God! - but you are in the minority. Regrettably, many parish clergy have chosen to ignore these unpleasant issues in hopes that they will somehow go away. I can assure you that this appears to be most unlikely. The differences having to do with the authority and interpretation of Holy Scripture have now become so polarized as to be mutually exclusive and irreconcilable.

In order to make informed choices, people simply must have reliable evidence to examine and to consider. To this end, I would love to gift you with a brand new DVD titled 'Choose This Day' and ask you to share it with people in your congregation. 'Choose This Day' was developed by some of our most respected scholars and theologians, and their wisdom is presented in a simple, interesting and understandable form.

If you will return the enclosed postcard, I will get a DVD coming to you by return mail. If you need additional information and/or resources, I'd be pleased to have you give me a call.

The issues we're considering have huge significance. The choices you and your fellow parishioners make will have eternal consequences. For that reason, I do pray that my offer will not fall upon the pathway, nor on shallow ground, nor amongst the thorns, but on rich soil where it may produce good fruit.

Yours in the love of Jesus,


The Rev. D. O. Smart, Dean

P.S. If you can give me the names of contacts in other parishes who would benefit from this offer, I would be glad to send you 'Choose This Day' DVDs for them as well.

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