Subject: Report from Dallas 1

Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2003 08:17:13 -0400 (EDT)
From: (Andy Figueroa)

Dear faithful AAC members and friends,

A brief report from "A Place to Stand - A Call to Action," Dallas
Let us know by return email what you've seen on TV news , radio or in the papers around Southern Ohio.

You will probably find a significant amount of news about the meeting on the CaNN GC 2003 web site.

Tuesday afternoon's schedule was tight, and long, and I believe appropriate.

Walking into the Trinity Ballroom of the Wyndham Anatole conference center took my breath away. I've never seen so many chairs facing a stage. Admittedly, nearly half of the chairs were roped off for the evenings Eucharist that was open to the public to encourage the nearly 3,000 attendees to sit up front. Huge screens were strategically positioned throughout the room so those who were not seated in the first section could see the speakers.

Other than some talks to get everybody on the same page and up-to-date, the main item of business was to begin to interact with the draft document intended for the Anglican Primates who are meeting next week. An outline of that documents is:

  1. Declares our first priority is the Great Commission

  2. Repudiates the actions of General Convention.

  3. Repents for our part in the sins of the Episcopal Church.

  4. Calls the Episcopal Church to repent and reverse what it has done.

  5. Proclaims our commitment to our Lord's teaching about sexuality and marriage

  6. Accepts our call to redirect financial resources towards biblically orthodox mission and ministry.

  7. Appeals to the Primates for:

    1. A new alignment of Anglicanism in North America

    2. Encourage faithful bishops to extend pastoral care across current diocesan boundaries

    3. Support isolated and beleagured parishes and individuals in their life and witness as faithful Anglicans (that's us).

Andy Figueroa

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