Message from Slater Armstrong

Message from Slater Armstrong, to current and new supporters.
Recording the music of the persecuted church in Sudan.

Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2003 23:50:58 -0600
Subject: Slater Armstrong's Advent trip to Nuba Mountains in Sudan-follow-thru
From: Miller F Armstrong

Dear Friends and family,

Thank your for your continued prayers and patience.

Iíve arranged for you to be able to send me the checks, made payable to Church of the Ascension, and memo to Sudan. You will receive a card for you tax records.

If youíve already sent a check made out to me, donít fret, I can sign them over to Ascension.

I have communicated in prior documents the information on the Nuba situation, and the exciting significance of it at this time, as best as I can. If you have questions, please donít hesitate to ask for further clarification. (You may even inquire about my personal finances if you feel the need to do so.)

Iím including the message I received last night from Bishop Andudu.

Dear / Slater

Warm Christian greetings in mighty name of our lord Jesus Christ,

We are very pleased to have you and your team visiting Nuba Mountains. About the progress towards trip program, I have already sent two letters with Commander Abdulaziz who left for Nuba Mountains ten days ago to Rev Canon / Habil Kumi and Rev Ibrahim Elhadid informing them about your visit, and to prepare themselves meeting you and inform all the churches choir to prepare themselves for recording the songs.

And more over I have here in Nairobi Evangelist Yusif Kudi whom also I will send officially to help in the preparation, so that the work will go on smoothly.

Iím still want to know from you we have many tribes in Nuba Mountains with different languages, so do you want united choir or people prepare songs in their tribeís languages, and also Arabic songs uniting all tribes if you want record some songs in Arabic language. Please send me your comments to send it to them.

And about prayer requests that we need to pray together are;

Pray for you and the team that God give you good health in spirit and body and funds that needed for the trip.

We pray for the means of transport within the diocese, which is large, the diocese have no Car which will transport us and the recording Equipment of the work this it may hinder our trip work. people may not be able to carry them for long distance, as for now Iím going to send for Catholic church to give us their Car some times if they have no too much work, and will do the same thing to the Government of Nuba. And if not at all we shall provide Camels or Donkeys to Carry the heavy equipment like sound systems and Generator which we need for Electricity we have no Electricity in Nuba Mountains.

We pray for you in the new environment and the changing of the weather.

Lastly we pray for the success of the whole trip that may bring Glory and Honor to God and development of the diocese.

God blesses you
Rt. Rev / Andudu Adam Elnail
Bishop of Kadugli Nuba Mountains Diocese.

Would you please send an email to notify me of your check amount so I can know where we are in advance of receiving your checks. I will send out a notice to this list when we reach our goal, so that we may praise the Lord together for His generous blessings.

There are 134 people on my email list. Many are already in the mission field:

Some are in Thailand, some in Nepal, some in the Czech Republic, some in Northern Ireland, some are with YWAM, some formerly with YWAM, some who are with agencies like Frontier Missions, Anglican Frontier Missions, Servant Heart Ministries, Christian Solidarity Worldwide, Episcopal World Mission, Institute for Religion and Democracy, the Church Mission Society, Operation Mobilization, the National office of the Episcopal church in America in the Missions and Outreach office, and several others. In fact, many of my contacts are missionaries (weird huh?).

There are also clergy in the Episcopal Church in America, the Church of Ireland and the Church of England (two of whom are also former missionaries to Africa through CMS).

There are 13 Sudanese on my email list, including the Office Of The New Sudan Council Of Churches.

There are also contacts in the Music and Christian Worship Industry in America and England as well.

The late Keith Green (one of the first in the Christian music business, when it was still mostly about ministry) made many challenges to the church in his concerts, most of which centered on our accountability to God for the Mission of the church. As best as I remember, one by which he is most famously remembered goes something like this:

ďIn the church, there are only two categories of true Christians. Those who go forth into all the world with the gospel, and those who send them. Everyone who knows that theyíre called to send, raise your hands. (pause) The rest of you must be called to go!Ē

This is vital information as you pray and consider this appeal on behalf of God in Jesusí Name for His Suffering Church in Sudan.

In His Grace and yours,

Slater Armstrong

Jack Slater Armstrong
800 Northshore Drive
Knoxville, TN 37919
865-588-0589 x209

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